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when update for this?


There will be no more updates, the game is finished.

hey I sent you a message on patreon but it's about pirate trainer i would love to fund you dude

Is there anal sex scene?


my game dont work

i enter in the game says a dangerous problems


is this game abandoned?

if not when is the next update?


My laptop says the software could be dangerous to my PC, 

Why´s that?


I accidentally speedruned this game, took me 10 me minutes to finish it, what can I say, Pain literally PAIN 

Where is story, where are characters?

Anyway I hope this game will get part 2 that continues story of our pirate from this game and I hope it won't be so short.


Been playing it for a while love the artwork wish there were more scenes but the game is done. Also have your other game "Little man". Looking forward to more games in the future from you. Wish you luck with your success.


It's good but we need more characters like Robin and Perona for example. Sadly, The game is finished.

I rlly wish they add more characters and,probably more arts cuz i always got max money (2500) and idk where to spend

I love One Piece and Nami. Awesome game dude! 👌

do you plan a future update?

No, the game is finished.

when's the next update to include the chick we met in the village? 


I like this game but the grammar needs to be fix and the art need to be polish.

When's the next update?

Today apparently

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is this robin or is it just nami?

No sound in the game yet?

Nice game

Thanks ;)


When's the next update?


At the end of February.