Little man 0.24 is out for everyone. Changelog included on the post!

LittleMan 0.24

Hello everyone, the month is almost over, but we managed to release it this month, this build will divide opinions, those who don't like minigames and supernatural things will be disappointed, but those who like minigames and some supernatural things will enjoy it, no matter what, This minigame is something we have been putting off to implement for a long time, and finally we decided it was time, and it was more work than we thought, in terms of art, the minigame has many animated assets and effects, but the final result was worth it, not to mention the scenes of course. This minigame is just the base for exploring the supernatural part of the game, hell will be increasingly explored and will take a key role in the main story. And we also had the remake of Haze, totally redesigned, not only in art, but also in text and story, adding some supernatural madness to the scenes, you will understand when you play. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.



►New Minigame implemented;
►Hell exploration system;
►Scenes involving more than one character in the gallery were separated into one category;
►General Bug fix;


► 2 new scenes with the Succubus (One scene with each.);
► Haze Bust Remake;
► Still Button Haze Remake;
► Haze Scene Remake;
► Brittany "Leg Hurt" Cutscene Remake;

Files 969 MB
Oct 03, 2022
LittleMan 0.24 Android Build.apk 1 GB
Oct 03, 2022 1,004 MB
Oct 03, 2022

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who are those succubus, I didnt saw any in game

how do i get out of hell

there is a button upper left side that says GET OUT OF HELL

brittany leg hurt?

The artwork where it shows the MC with his injured leg and Brittany on his side.